Individuals & Families

At Landmark Wealth Management Group, we work with individuals and families at all stages of their lives. Whether you are single, growing a family, own a business, or transitioning to retirement – we are here to assist you on your journey toward abundance.

Guiding you on your life journey

Whatever stage you may be at in your life, we are here to guide you.


  • Establishing financial independence
  • Providing appropriate risk management
  • Advising on cash management strategies

Family Transitions

  • Handling increased demands of older parents
  • Making retirement planning commitments
  • Considering investments that offer tax advantages

Family Growth

  • Planning for children’s education and training
  • Optimizing income tax strategies
  • Increasing savings and investment for long-range objectives
  • Considering Will and Trust arrangements

Retirement Evolution

  • Creating retirement distribution plans
  • Analyzing and coordinating legacy planning for family and charity

Women and Finance

Women can face different circumstances on their financial journey. At Landmark Wealth Management, we help you chart your financial course to save, invest, and plan.

Challenges that are generally unique to women

  • Live longer
  • Earn less than men
  • More likely to take career breaks for caregiving
  • Sometimes are more conservative investors

Steps we help women take

  • Take control of your money
  • Become a more knowledgeable investor
  • Plan for retirement
  • Protect your income and assets
  • Create a financial plan to help meet your goals