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Jul 15

Do your finances match your life priorities?

We are here to help make sure your strategies set you up for a meaningful life, no matter the stage you’re at.

Jul 9

Market Fluctuation

The market is fluctuating. If it’s making you anxious, read these five ways you can remain calm and focused on your future.

Jul 3

DIY Summer Activities

Summer might look different this year, but we’re all in this together. Here are some DIY ideas and tips from our workforce to have fun and save money.

Jun 29

Is the current market rally sustainable?

The risk asset recovery from Covid-19.

Jun 26

New bundle of joy?

A tiny new family member comes with a host of expenses but preparing financially and investing can set your family up for future success. We are here to help you plan for your near- and long-term goals.

Jun 17

Establishing your financial path

The oldest millennials are turning 40 this year, but many are planning for different milestones than their parents at the same age. Forging your own path to your goals? Let’s connect on your financial strategy.

Jun 13

Will you have enough to spend in retirement?

While most people believe they’ll only need 70% of their current income in retirement, their lifestyle preferences require around 130% (Wall Street Journal, 2018). Will you have enough to live out the retirement you envision?

Jun 9

Tight Budget?

While there may not always be a simple solution, we’ve laid out some steps to help you move forward with your investment plan.

Jun 5

Tax Day moved to July 15

Due to current events, Tax Day has been moved to July 15th. While Thrivent financial professionals cannot offer tax advice, we can meet with you and your tax professional to go over any changes you’d like to make in your 2019 or 2020 plans.

May 31

Gasoline prices drop below $2 as drivers stay home

Learn some of the reasons behind the recent drop in oil and gas prices.